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3800 acres, MLD 3, with all the amenities of home. Ranch is located in Webb County 1/2 way between Freer & Encinal off of HWY 44, all highway to the ranch gate. All blinds, feeders, etc. are in place. Not looking for the argumentative big deer “EXPERT”. If you can’t pass good young deer this isn’t for you. If you can’t follow some simple fundamental rules, this isn’t for you. If your just a lease hopper this isn’t for you. Spot comes with 1 trophy and 1 management tag as well as culls and doe per biologist recommendation. Our management philosophy is built around 3 simple fundamentals…. #1 Nutrition…. Raise the nutritional plane as high as we can afford. #2 is Age….. many cull in younger age classes but unless you know your deer herd you may be doing more damage than good. #3 is Genetics. Without #1 you really will never know what genetics you have and without #2 you will never reach your full genetic potential. If I’m spending the money I want long term sustainable results. That’s takes everyone being on the same page, same goals and like minds. We encourage family and friends to hang out and enjoy what South Texas has to offer. There are some rules around guests during the season but for the most part we like to see everyone have a good time and have a good time with their families. We’ve got zero time for dishonest folks. We’re all pretty straight shooters and trust is the main character. We enjoy having a good time and all do what we can to help each other out. Lease fee per gun is $8750 + expenses. Expenses run about $2200 all in depending on the year, rain, etc. Electricity, feed, biologist, helicopter survey, & liability insurance We have a 3br / 2bth single wide trailer that can be used by guest or members. We have walk in cooler, ice machine and covered skinning rack There are RV spots with water, sewer and electricity. DM me for any other details…. Serious Inquiries only….
Lease / Ranch Name: Webb County / Hwy 44
Region: South
County: Texas
Type: Annual
Acreage: 3800
Price Per Hunter: 8
Number of Hunters: 8
Number of Guests: 0
Weapon Type: Firearms
Game: Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Dove, Quail, Hogs, Varmits, Waterfowl
Lodging: Yes
Owner’s Comments: N/A
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