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Former Turruperrta Ranch High Fence & low fence. Please call to discuss interesting details. Ranch has bunk rm and attached double wide. All appliances, water, elec, walk-in cooler, storage building, ponds, trailer is fully equipped. Has not been hunted in 6 years. Please call to discuss interesting opportunity.
Lease / Ranch Name: Turruperrta Ranch
County: Duval
Type: Annual
Acreage: 135acs
Total Lease Price: TBD
Price Per Hunter: TBD
Number of Hunters: 3
Number of Guests: 1
Weapon Type: Firearms, Archery
Game: Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Dove Quail, Hogs, Varmits, Exotics
Lodging: Provided
Owner’s Comments: N/A
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