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TP&W, Managed Land Deer Program fifteen years. MLD Permits used to tag deer. Gun season begins before Rut, starting October 1st or weekend closest to 1st weekend of October until mid-January, a month and a half longer than regular season. Members hunting license tags not used. Two Bucks, one mature and one cull and one doe all year, thirteen inch or better does not apply. We harvest by age on mature (4 yr) and cull Bucks (3 1/2 yr). Campsite with electricity and water, Fee $375.00. All stands set approximately 600 yards apart with no traffic by stands. One primary box stand (required) and one movable stand within primary stand proximity. Stands and feeders not supplied.
Lease / Ranch Name: Sugar Creek
County: Texas
Type: Annual
Acreage: 3500
Price Per Hunter: $1800.00
Number of Hunters: 24
Number of Guests: None
Weapon Type: Firearms, Archery
Game: Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Varmits
Lodging: No
Owner Comments: Campsite electricity and water.
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