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We have 37,000 acres in Paducah, TX., on a 151,000-acre ranch. The whole ranch has been on an MLD for over 15 years. Ranch has private wildlife biologists on staff which work directly with Lease Manager and provides helicopter surveys every year. We also offer helicopter hunts for hog and predator control every year to our members. Average mature WT harvest 145-160 in with the opportunity to harvest trophies in the 170-190 in. Average mature mule deer harvest 155-165 in. With the opportunity to harvest trophies in the 170-190 in. Each member gets 1 trophy, approved management buck and doe. Each member picks his own blind location plus a handful of community blinds and food plots. Year around lease. Hogs, WT deer, Mule deer, turkey, dove, quail as well as limited aoudad and javelina plus several tanks for fun family fishing. 30 camper hookups, water, power, and septic included. Also, a 3- bedroom house that sleeps eleven. 28 deer hunters. Spots available. $6500 per hunting member, 2 hunting guests permitted, family always welcome.
Lease / Ranch Name: ROCKHOUSE/YL LEASE
Region: North
County: COTTLE
Type: Annual
Acreage: 37,000
Price Per Hunter: 28
Number of Hunters: 28
Number of Guests: 2
Weapon Type: Firearms, Archery
Game: Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Turkey, Dove, Quail, Hogs, Varmits, Waterfowl, Fishing
Lodging: Yes
Owner’s Comments: N/A
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