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Located in Truscott TX. Truscott is a small community in Knox County between Cromwell and Benjamin TX. It is 100 miles north of Abilene and 140 miles east of Lubbock. We acquired section 5 early 2020 and have designated this section for bow hunting only. The land has great vegetation with grass, brush, and small trees with a section of the red rock terrain, which is famous in this west Texas region. Wildlife includes a huge population of deer, hogs, quail and more! $150 weekend Fri, Sat, or Sun $100 weekday
Lease / Ranch Name: EandJG Ranch
Region: Central
County: Knox
Type: Day Hunt
Acreage: 20
Price Per Hunter: 150
Number of Hunters: 2
Lodging: N/A
Owner Comments: We have set up a feeder and quad stand that holds two hunters up to 500 lbs. (I am working on preparing another section down the road that I will use for bow And fire arm, so if you have more than two hunters I may be able to accommodate on second tract). We have trail cams with great pics of does, young bucks, and javalina hogs. We have continuously and will continue to manage the wildlife with premium feed that not only attracts deer but improves the health and longevity of our deer herd. While the accommodations are under improvements, one can camp out overnight and park on the land otherwise the closest lodging is in Cromwell, Knox City or Seymour. There is no power or running water, so come prepared for wilderness/survivalist camping if you choose to stay on the land.
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