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I’m offering night hunts and no night vision needed. I have green led lights mounted 35 yards from the blinds.Any scope or open sites work fine.When the game comes close the lights come on. I put out daily apple flavored corn soaked in water and cheap beer and the hogs love it and can’t resist it. I have large blinds with 2 chairs in them.The way it works is once I show you how to get to the blinds and where to park then you are on your own to come and go and take breaks whenever you want to some people make a camp and build a campfire and that’s fine with me I just want my hunters to have a good time.The price is $50 per hunter per 12 hour hunt.Limit 2 hogs or 2 Varmints or 1 Bobcat which btw makes a beautiful full size mount.If you have more questions or you want to book a hunt please text me only at 936-727-9296
Lease / Ranch Name: Diamond D
County: Liberty/Montgomery
Type: Day Hunt
Acreage: 320/400
Price Per Hunter: 4
Number of Hunters: 4
Lodging: N/A
Owner’s Comments: N/A
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