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I have 30 acres to hunt white-tail deer or hogs. It does have accommodation for lodging. The lodge has two bedrooms, a kitchen, restroom, washer, dryer, TVs, and wifi. The lodge will be an extra 120 a night. the lodge sits only three hundred yards from the enclosed deer stand. The feeder is set about 100 yards from the stand. There is deer and hogs and can hunt at night with green lights at the feeder. It is 350 per gun if you have a kid that will join you there is a discount. They will pay 200 a gun. The stand fits two. We are outside of Breckenridge Texas. You can get to the city in about 5 minutes. If you have any questions please call 940-255-9776 or text.
Lease / Ranch Name: C and B Acres
County: Texas
Type: Day Hunt, Uncategorized
Acreage: 30
Price Per Hunter: 350
Number of Hunters: 2
Weapon Type: Firearms, Archery
Game: Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Varmits
Lodging: Yes
Owner Comments: Lodging, homegrown steaks, eggs off the farm, and bacon off the farm.
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