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My Grandpa started this hunting club 26 years ago, for children to have a place to go and learn to hunt. My Grandpa eventually chose to pass the deer club down to me. I am the owner/CEO of .30-06 Hunting Club, we run 20 members on 2,000 acres, located in the piney woods of Hardin County, in the town of Honey Island, TX. I have a management team that consists of a President, Vice President and CEO. We harvest deer, hogs, bobcats and coyotes mostly, more importantly we make memories with our families and friends. There is nothing like telling them ole stories around the camp fire, seeing who brings back the biggest deer to camp. Every man should experience seeing his child harvest game, pride and emotion will overwhelm you. Nothing beats spending time in the woods with your loved ones. I look forward to hunting with all our members, one day passing this deer club down to my children to run. No power onsite, we use generators. We have a rifle range, two large and dry camp sites to place your campers, RV’s or tents. Well water is available onsite, community skinning racks are available. Our roads are well maintained, which allows for 365 day access each year. Each paying member gets one area (partial) to hunt, the partials are turn key formats, plug and play, all partials have been hunted in years past. We don’t micromanage the number of deer stands and feeders each member can have in their partial, it’s up to the member. We go with the Hardin County bag limit. A guest harvest 4 day weekend, is available Thursday-Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, each member can bring one guest to hunt their partial for the 4 days only, guest must have a valid TX hunting license, each guest can harvest one legal deer, unlimited hogs and unlimited predators during the 4 days. Spouse and immediate children in school, hunt at no additional charge, from the members partial. Feeding, planting and minerals are highly recommended. We have annual clean up days and meetings. Every member receives a window sticker, membership card, gate combination and rules/contract to sign for record keeping. Surveillance cameras are utilized on site and we maintain close relationships with the local State Game Wardens. My Grandpa was my hero and my hunting partner, we will continue to honor his vision of having an affordable, close and safe place for families to make memories. Only serious enquiries, also this is not a beer lease, if that is what your looking for, wrong lease. Drama free hunting zone! We maintain an active prospect waiting list and utilize a vetting/interview process.
Lease / Ranch Name: .30-06 Hunting Club
County: Hardin
Type: Annual, Featured
Acreage: 2000
Weapon Type: Firearms, Archery
Game: Whitetail Deer, Hogs, Varmits
Lodging: N/A
Owner’s Comments: N/A
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