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This is a lease for 70 acres in East Texas (nearest Linden Texas) with great fishing on stocked pond, wet creek year round with culvert and dirt road over, and second wet weather creek during rain with bridge over it. The upper elevation of the ranch is pine forest 30 years growth. The lower areas are filled with hardwood. The property is fenced and surrounded by a cattle ranch to the north, forest and marsh land to the south, and mixed forest east and west. This has not been hunted in more than a decade. There are plenty of deer, hogs, rabbits and birds. There are new paths bulldozed in and a cabin is in the process of being built. This is too far from nearest electric line so solar will be installed in cabin eventually. Please text "providence Ranch" with any questions. This is for $3000 per year for a group of 4 only. The owner will be out on land building cabin on select weekends. Good communication will be necessary as owner and children may show up on weekends. Night vision (PVS14 phosphor)are available.

Lease \ Ranch Name Providence
Region (see map) East
County cass
Type Annual
Acerage 70
Total Lease Price
Price Per Hunter 4
Number of Hunters 4
Number of Guests 0
Weapon Type Firearms
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Quail
  • Hogs
  • Fishing
Lodging No
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