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Located in the Golden Triangle of South Texas that is recognized for trophy buck potential, this Maverick County low fence year round lease has 2 spots open for the 2019-2020 season. This ranch has been leased by the same group of hunters since 2005 and is under a MLDP management plan. The ranch has abundant trophy whitetail deer, hogs, javelinas, dove, quail, and ducks. Our group has harvested several once in a lifetime low fence whitetail bucks over the years including a 198 5/8 trophy buck, several 170 and 180 class bucks, and numerous 160 and 150 class bucks. Game management is overseen annually by a wildlife biologist. Each membership includes one trophy buck, one management buck, cull bucks and an allotment of doe tags. While our group is predominately interested in trophy deer hunting, another primary goal is to have fun with friends and family in an outdoor sportsman environment. This is truly a family deer lease. We currently have 40+ hunting blinds in place, numerous bow stands, 24 protein stations and 40+ corn feeders. Protein is feed on a regular basis. Lodging is available on the ranch. There are two walk in coolers, commercial ice maker, entertaining pavilion with a fireplace and numerous other amenities available to all members. Guest privileges include immediately family (spouse and children) and one non-family hunting guest. Each member is responsible for their pro-rata share of operating costs and expenses. Lease cost is $15,899.25 per membership (1/2 due upon signing of documents and 1/2 due on October 1st of each year), plus $8,000 for Membership expenses (protein, corn, repairs, electricity, water, cable tv, firewood, etc.) (1/2 due upon signing of documents and 1/2 due on October 1st of each year). If interested or if you would like more information, please call

Lease \ Ranch Name FM2644 Hunting Club - South Texas Year Round Lease
Region (see map) South
County Texas
Type Annual
Acerage 13158
Total Lease Price
Price Per Hunter 12
Number of Hunters 12
Number of Guests 0
Weapon Type Firearms
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Dove
  • Quail
  • Hogs
  • Varmits
  • Waterfowl
Lodging Yes
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