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$9,850 for 788 acres for a max of 4 Hunters. Thanks for your interest in Estrella Ranch, Uvalde County, Texas. The following, along with the attached lease, should answer most of your questions: Located approximately 1.5 hours west-northwest of San Antonio between Concan and Utopia - closer to Utopia. The ranch is located on the same route as you would take to go to Garner State Park but about 30 minutes before getting to the park. Estrella Ranch has 788 acres of rugged mountains & deep scenic valleys. Seasonal Blanco Creek flows through the south-western portion of the ranch, & there are two small year-round springs. There is electricity, and a water well equipped with a submersible pump. Hunting blinds, deer feeders, water tanks, protein feeders are provided. Open for a total of four outdoorsmen, i.e. a Total for the ranch/not part of a �club�. Looking for a family group, or a group of friends/will not lease out to different individuals. Looking for a long-term association. The ranch is part of a larger conservation easement to the city of San Antonio that totals approximately 15,000 acres. The ranch is available for an annual lease. We are limiting the lease to four members and their guests. We thought it would be better to keep the numbers down for the members so as not to be crowded-out on their own hunting lease Here are some key points: I'm not trying to scare anyone off, but I'm just trying to be very open about the ranch and try to address some common questions: * This ranch is in the Hill Country and some of the roads are rocky, rough and steep. * The Lat/Long coordinates for the camp location is: N29 degrees 32� 13�, W99 degrees 35� 41.2�. This is not the geographic center of the ranch. Please do not attempt to visit the property on your own. Part of the route is a dirt/caliche county-maintained County Road 336, but then it becomes a private road with a couple of coded gates blocking through-traffic. * One unique feature of the ranch is that we are under a conservation easement to the city of San Antonio. Between this property and all the neighboring adjacent ranches, the overall easement is greater than 15,000 acres in the Blanco Creek valley. This will limit future development and keep the land open and wild in perpetuity. * This is an area with mountains and hills. There are some valley bottoms, but much of the land is very rugged with dense brush cover. We have opened-up a number of areas in the valleys however. If you want wide-open flat fields with great open roads, this is not the place. * 4X4 Utility ATV�s (best) or Jeeps (next best), in good working order, are a must out here ... 4X4 trucks/SUV�s will not work-out for getting-around the ranch. "High-back" UTV's don't have sufficient clearance on the ranch. * We do not have any livestock; we have a �wildlife tax treatment� instead. We have no intentions of bringing-in livestock in the future. * Looking for a long term relationship .... we plan to keep the ranch ... it is not an investment for re-sale. * Wildlife and land stewardship must be a priority * All hunters must be committed to responsible game management to improve long term herd size and genetics * Looking for a group who will respect the rules and maintain high standards in hunting practices * Family and guests are welcome � please review the lease for details * Bow & rifle OK * We will favor signing-up with a group that has Hunter's insurance with everyone listed. See: * Annual limits per hunter: � One buck, one doe, and one true spike/cull. However, this must be a true cull � no exceptions. That�s a total of three deer per member per year. � Exotics - Ranch has Aoudad, and, rarely, Axis that can be taken. There are also Elk and Barasingha, but they are strictly off-limits. They may Not be taken! � One spring turkey � Wild hog: no limit (lots of hogs, some huge wild boars) * Maximum/total of 4 hunters ... this is the grand total for the ranch ... there are no other hunters except for this one group. Looking for a family group, or an already established group. Annual lease; 788.123 acres; has electricity, water, available land line/telephone connection. Room for up to two year-round travel trailers, and then two additional temporary in-season travel trailers during October, November and December. $9851.54 total for the year * There is an existing covered pavilion available for the members where the trailers may be parked. * There is a simple septic hook-up that may be used now, however it will need to be updated. * All members must sign the lease document. * There are nine existing fenced feeder pens, and 3 un-fenced feeder locations. There are also nine two-man blinds, and a couple of tripods. There are several small protein feeders, and one large one. There are four water tanks, and two water guzzlers. We are asking the members to maintain the equipment: wood, paint etc. since they will be the users. * Members are responsible for protein and feed. Grain and protein are available in the nearby town Sabinal, and they will deliver. It�s up to the members when they feed corn, however protein should be provided. * There's a $140 total/$35 per member annual fee paid to Texas Parks and Wildlife. We ask that the members cover this. * Our current members/family are leaving after being with us for 10 years. The wife has developed a medical condition. They were very management-minded, and great stewards of the land. * The nearest neighboring camp is about 400 yards north of our camp. The next year-round home/resident is over a mile away. * A neighbor has a high fence on our eastern border. Otherwise there are only low fences, and in some spots, no fence. Please read the attached material, lease, and consider these points carefully. It is really beautiful out there, but the ranch does have some special considerations, and terrain-challenges that will not be attractive to everyone LOCATION: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes west-northwest of San Antonio ---18 miles northwest of Sabinal. The ranch is located in the Edwards Plateau between Concan and Utopia. The ranch is accessed by County Road 336 that runs north off of State Highway 127. DESCRIPTION: Estrella Ranch, with 788 acres, combines deep scenic valleys with rugged mountain country. The elevation difference from the highest hilltops to the valley floors ranges from 400 to almost 500� in relief. VEGETATION: The ranch has a great variety of plant life including: Live Oak, Spanish Oak, Cedar Elm, Hackberry, Escarpment Cherry, Buckeye and Sycamore. The native grasses include Lindheimer muhly and side-oats gramma. WATER: Blanco Creek is a seasonal stream that flows through the southwestern portion of the ranch. There are two small year-round springs on the ranch. IMPROVEMENTS: The ranch�s electricity is provided by Medina Electric. There is a water well equipped with a submersible pump. A landline telephone connection is available (however the line is washed-out with more than 3 inches of rain). There are a number of valley and mountaintop roads on the ranch ranging from good to poor condition. GOALS: The ranch is used primarily for recreation. The ranch goals include preserving and enhancing conditions for the existing native wildlife, and plants.

Lease \ Ranch Name Estrella Ranch
Region (see map) South
County Uvalde
Type Annual
Acerage 788
Total Lease Price $9,850
Price Per Hunter 4
Number of Hunters 4
Number of Guests 0
Weapon Type
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Quail
  • Hogs
  • Exotics
Lodging No
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