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First time offered: Entire Hunt Lease Operation. All Inclusive Family / Corporate Hunt Lease. Effective Date: Nov 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 2021 / 2022 General Hunting Season. Hemphill and Wheeler County, Tx. Hemphill and Wheeler counties have very strong and healthy Whitetail Deer populations with Impressive Gene Pools that produce some of the best deer hunting in the state of Texas. 150 to 170 Class Bucks are common. 1. Hunt on 7 different easy access property locations for a combination of 4000+ acres. 2. Hunt for Whitetail Bucks and Does, Mule Deer Bucks, Rio Grande Turkey, Hogs, Bob Cats, Coons and Coyotes. 3. There are 9 - 5 x 7 Steel Hard Blinds in Place. 4. There is 1 Portable Trailer Mounted Blind in Place. 5. There are 3 Soft Sided Steel Frame Blinds in Place. ( Not popup blinds ). 6. 20 lb Portable Propane Bottles and Heaters attached to each Hard Blind. 7. 6 - 400 lbs commercial Deer Feeders in Place. 8. 14 - 200 lbs Poly Deer Feeders in Place. 9. Deer Camp Cleaning Facilities with Hoist, Water, Lights, Freezer Storage. 10. Full Access and Use of 8 Man 1800 sq ft. Fully Equipped Guest House / Home. 11. Nearly 10,000 lbs of corn to service all feeders during hunting season. ( Furnished ). 12. Upwards of 14 - 20 lb bottles of propane to service all the blinds during hunting season.(Furnished ). 13. 900 lbs of propane to service the guest house during hunting season. ( Furnished ). 14. Includes full service and maintenance of equipment, materials and lodging supplies. 15. Includes full guest house cleaning service. 16. Harvest is strictly monitored and limited to: 1 Buck / 2 Does on Whitetail Deer, 1 Buck Only on Mule Deer, Turkey bag limit as per state regulations. Hogs / Coyotes / Bobcats Unlimited. 17. Only Immediate Family Members, ( Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter ) may participate in hunting activities. 18. 10 Hunters / $5000.00 ea hunter 19. A 30% deposit will secure the lease with the balance due buy Jan 31st, 2021. 20. A shared booking calendar will be established to coordinate all hunting activities. Schedule an Appointment for Tour and Viewing.

Lease \ Ranch Name North Texas Game Hunts
Region (see map) Panhandle
County Hemphill / Wheeler
Type Annual
Acerage 4000+
Total Lease Price
Price Per Hunter 5000.00
Number of Hunters 8 - 10
Number of Guests Immediate Family Only
Weapon Type 1
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Mule Deer
  • Turkey
  • Dove
  • Hogs
  • Varmits
  • Waterfowl
Lodging Yes
Owner Comments 1800 sq. ft. Double Wide Home. 4 Bedroom Sleeps 8 people. 2 Full Baths, Fully Equipped and Functional Kitchen. All New Appliances. Living Room / Dining Room Seats 8. Mud Room Washer / Dryer. Satellite TV. Outdoor Grill.

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